Enhance Your Services And Profits With WildShark White Label SEO

Reputable and reliable white label SEO services enable you to extend the range of services you offer, profit from your existing customers, and expand your brand offering without having to learn new skills.

WildShark is an experienced SEO agency and we have been providing our SEO services to resellers for more than 5 years. Our white label SEO services include citation building, guest posting, and keyword tracking. We produce regular reports, work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and only communicate with you or a member of your team. Your clients never need to know that you are reselling WildShark white label services. All of our work utilises ethical techniques, helping to avoid Google and other penalties and ensuring that you provide long lasting and beneficial results.

We’ve put together a range of simple, easy-to-understand SEO packages together for you to choose from.
Our Starter SEO and Simple SEO services are ideal for small websites (up to 10/20 pages) looking to generate local exposure. The Advanced SEO works well for larger sites (up to 30 pages) who can handle national enquiries. Whilst our Premium SEO service is designed for more complex sites (up to 50 pages), or those operating in more competitive markets - bespoke solutions are also available on request.
Starter SEO
£100 + VAT Per Month
Simple SEO
£175 + VAT Per Month
Advanced SEO
£275 + VAT Per Month
Premium SEO
£475 + VAT Per Month

SEO Services We Provide

Any of our development, content creation, and SEO services can be included in a white label package, but our most popular are:

Guest Posting

Ethical guest posting remains one of the most effective means of building long-term links. Using our white label SEO services you can show your client content assets and guest posts from relevant blogs, and provide them with a regular source of links. We locate relevant blogs, negotiate with blog owners to determine topic and format requirements, and write the content and source images and other content.

Citation Building

Citations are an essential facet of local SEO. They work in a similar way to links, in that they show Google that a local business exists and is popular with its customers and clients. Building citations is a repetitive and long-winded task, but WildShark has experience in developing high-quality and long-lasting citations. We can offer one off citation building or provide a regular and ongoing package that will serve to bolster and diversify your clients’ link profiles

Keyword Tracking

As part of our white label service, we provide resellers with regular reports of progress. As well as offering details of the links we have developed and the content we have created, we can also provide a regular keyword tracking report. All reports can be provided using your branding, which means that the reports will be ready to send straight to your clients.

What Is A White Label Service?

Becoming a reseller of SEO services means that you can offer ethical and high quality content creation, link building, and full SEO packages. We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means that your customers never need to know that another company is working on their contract. We provide regular updates and extensive reports that incorporate your branding, can provide ad hoc feedback so that you can update your contacts, and we use reliable and ethical SEO methods so that your customers won’t suffer a penalty.

Effectively, we do the work while you reap the potential rewards.

Extend Your Service Offerings

One of the greatest benefits of using white label SEO services is that you can extend the range of products that you offer to clients. This means that you can retain clients, remain in constant communication, and ensure that yours is the name that they think of when they need related services again in the future.

You Profit From Our Work

Becoming a reseller of WildShark services means that you can expand the range of services you provide to clients, and you can add your own margin to the products. This means that you might pay £500 a month to us, but charge £600 to clients – a profit of £100 a month for little or no additional work.

WildShark White Label SEO

Whether you are a design agency, you provide hosting, or you develop SEO leads through your own lead capture website and need a reliable and reputable service to provide services for your clients, contact WildShark for a confidential discussion about your requirements and goals. We can help increase your profit, improve your customer retention, and reduce your workload.