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White Label SEO Services

WildShark are experts in Search Engine Optimisation and have been providing website design agencies with cost-effective White Label SEO services since 2012. Our experienced team contain a diverse range of skills which combine well together to deliver excellent results for our clients.

We are looking to work with individuals and business owners with a view to helping their clients and contacts to be more successful and generate more business via the Internet. If the following describes you or your business, please get in touch to see if we can help you:

Website Design Company

if you own a successful web design agency in the UK and are looking to add SEO services to your portfolio we would love to hear from you.

Freelance Web Designers

having spoken to numerous freelancers over the last few years, they are often asked about SEO but are sometimes unsure how it works, speak to us, we can help

Marketing Consultants

we work with various consultants and business advisors who understand the power of SEO but don’t have the skills and/or resources to provide this service to their clients.

Tried and Tested Approach to SEO

We’ve learned a lot by listening to our White Label SEO Partners over the last few years and whereas supplying a range of Affordable SEO Packages used to work well in the past, we realised that certain packages were not always flexible enough to enable us to deliver the results our clients deserve and expect.

Over the last 12 months, WildShark have developed a simple, transparent three phase approach that is easy for our clients to understand and has proven successful for both small local campaigns and larger national projects, we’ve also generated significant increases in traffic to complex Ecommerce websites.

Our three phase approach is best described as follows:

  1. Technical – we complete a detailed technical audit and review of the website from an SEO perspective, this is designed to identify and resolve any negative ranking factors and improve user experience (UX)
  2. Relevance – extensive keyword research is completed to identify the most appropriate search terms to target that are in line with the clients budget and expectations, once identified these are mapped to the various pages on the website and we update the titles, descriptions and content accordingly
  3. Authority – the secret to success and high rankings relies on increasing the authority of your website in comparison to your rivals, our experienced outreach team provide a guest posting service which is designed to improve the backlink profile resulting in a higher authority score with Google

Apart from the initial audit, there is no clever software to complete these tasks, it just takes time (together with a fair amount of knowledge and experience). So, to keep things simple, rather than provide inappropriate SEO packages, you can invest in our time and expertise for your clients at a reduced hourly rate. We can work to almost any budget, but to give you some idea of a typical campaign:

  • Small Local Campaign – typical investment required is 5-10 hours per month
  • Larger National Campaign – we recommend a minimum investment of 10-20 hours per month
  • Competitive Markets/Ecommerce Sites – to be effective, these require 15-30+ hours per month

Earn Commission for Introductions & Referrals

If you have access to clients and contacts who could benefit from our SEO services, but you’re not confident enough to sell this to them yourself, speak to us about our SEO Reseller opportunity and earn money for successful referrals and introductions.

Just like our search engine optimisation, WildShark’s Introducer scheme is designed to be as simple and transparent as possible – plus we pay commission on a residual basis for as long as the client continues to subscribe to our services.

If this sounds like something you could take advantage of, get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.

Guest Posting & Manual Outreach Service

For those WildShark can provide you with an effective Guest Posting service which involves:

  • Identifying suitable websites that match certain criteria
  • Contacting the website owner and pitching an idea to them
  • Preparing the article and following up to ensure it is posted and includes the backlink

Pricing depends on the level of authority required, as you might expect, the price goes up for higher authority backlinks with a discount applied for bulk purchases, for example:

For a UK backlink/guest post with a minimum authority of DA20+

  • 1 x article/backlink – £180 (+vat)
  • 5 x articles/backlinks – £800 (+vat)
  • 10 x articles/backlinks – £1,400 (+vat)

If you have a particular requirement, tell us about it and we will do our best to help you.

Please note, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee should we be unable to fulfil your requirements, that said, we haven’t had to issue any refunds to date.

Content Creation

Adding quality and compelling content to your website on a regular basis not only speeds up the process of building up your website authority but it is proven to increase your website traffic. The more quality topic based content you upload to your website, the more things you are going to get found for which increases the number of targeted visitors landing on your website.

All content is written by professional UK based content writers. Each article will be sent to you to review prior to publishing.

Pricing available on request.

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