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  • Identify missing and duplicate titles
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  • Find broken links and duplicate meta tags
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  • Improve your on-page SEO performance
  • Analyse any website and identify link opportunities

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Whether you’re a freelance designer or a design agency, the WildShark SEO Spider Tool can become an invaluable addition to your development tools. It can identify crawl errors, highlight duplicates that appear on the site, and not only improve SEO results but also enhance the user experience. User Experience (UX) should be a vital component to any development project.


Improved usability directly leads to an improvement in conversions, can improve your search engine ranking, and can lead to an improvement in revenues and profits.

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The WildShark SEO Spider Tool


Install the WildShark SEO Spider Tool, enter the URL of the website that you want to crawl and analyse, and click Start. The website spider tool will work with sites of any size, and it will display a list of errors that are present on that site. The information is displayed in a simple format so that you don’t need to be an SEO or programmer to understand it.


On the right of the screen you will be presented with a list of possible errors. If a category is displayed in red, it means that there are errors on your page. If it displays green, then the site is free of that particular type of error. Work through the list and correct the errors that are showing up in order to reduce or eliminate crawl errors and to increase UX.

We help you to make the visitors do what you want them to on your site, our team is ready to help optimize your site and boost the conversion rates, providing a successful a long-term effect CRO strategy for your business.

Missing Titles

Google will use the page URL when the title field is missing. Identify any pages that do not include a title and add optimised titles for all of your pages.

Duplicate Titles

Duplicate titles can cause problems with internal linking, and it can also lead to problems with the wrong page being indexed on Google. Use our website spider tool to identify duplicate titles so that you can correct them.

Short Page Titles

The WildShark SEO Spider Tool identifies titles that are less than 8 characters in length. It is highly unlikely that anything this short can beneficially describe the page it belongs to.

Long Page Titles

Page titles should be no longer than 60 characters, in order to prevent Google truncating it. Identify those page titles that need trimming and replacing.

Missing Meta Description Tags

The Meta description tag is used on Google search results pages, and is used by other websites to display a description of your content. If this field is missing from your page, Google will use an excerpt, which will not be optimised to improve click through rates.

Duplicate Meta Description Tags

Every page of a website needs to be unique, and the SEO Spider Tool from WildShark can be used to identify pages with duplicate description tags so that you can make every entry unique.

Meta Description Tag Too Long

Google won’t display any meta description content after the 156th character. Anything after this will not appear, which means that your conversionary efforts will be wasted. Identify descriptions that are too long and shorten them.

H Tags Missing

H tags are used as a means of formatting a page to make it easier to read, and the WildShark website spider tool identifies all of those pages where H tags are missing.

Duplicate H Tags

Duplicate content on pages can lead to Google penalties and it can confuse visitors. Find duplicate H tags and reword them, where necessary. 

H Tags Overused

The Spider Tool will identify those pages that include too many H tags, allowing you to identify the most important get rid of the rest, or reformat your page so that it displayers in a more friendly manner.

Short Page H Tags

The H tags is essentially used to describe the paragraph or paragraphs that appear below it. Identify titles that are less than 8 characters and ensure that they adequately describe the content that appears below.

Long Page H Tags

Whether it is through a failure to close tags properly, or as a vain attempt to gain SEO benefit, some pages include full paragraphs within H tags. Identify any headers on your pages that are over 60 characters in length and make changes.

Broken Links

Broken links diminish user experience and are considered a negative signal by Google. Find the broken links on your site so that you can correct the URL, remove the link, or make any other necessary changes.

Word Count Too Low

Content should be exactly long enough to get a message across or provide relevant information, without adding too much fluff. With that said, if your page only has 100 or 200 words, it is unlikely to be ranked highly. The WildShark Website Spider Tool identifies pages with less than 300 words between the opening and closing body tags.

Missing Image ALT Tags

The image ALT tag not only tells Google what an image is about, but it also displays in palce of the image if that image can’t load because of browser settings or other reasons. It is an important page element and you should ensure that every image on your site has it.

Improve Your SEO With WildShark

Using the WildShark spider tool it is possible to identify errors and problems on your website; many of which have a relatively simple fix. Fixing these errors can help improve your search engine rankings and improve user experience rates, conversions, and revenue and profits. If you find that your site has a lot of errors and need help fixing them, or if your site is error free and you want to identify why you are still struggling to rank for your keywords, contact WildShark today to see how we can help analyse and improve your site performance.

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