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Facebook and Twitter may be the most commonly thought of social media websites, but they are only a very small sample of a large list of sites. There are general sites, like Facebook, as well as platforms that cater to specific groups; LinkedIn, for example, is geared towards professional users rather than those looking to connect with friends and family. Sites like Pinterest are image sharing sites, while YouTube is the most popular video sharing website.

What all of these social media websites have in common, though, is the potential that they offer to a digital marketing campaign.

Create high quality content and your posts can go viral, quickly being distributed around tens of thousands of accounts. There are also other possible uses for social media marketing. You can monitor networks to determine and track brand reputation. You can use platforms to communicate quickly and easily with clients and potential clients. You can also identify some of the most significant and important influencers in your industry, connect with them, and then use this connection to help increase your own authority.

WildShark is an ethical and effective social media agency. We can optimise your site for the best social media performance, create the content that has the greatest chance of going viral, and we can distribute that content over social media. We can also identify influencers, make connections, and help promote your business.

Brand Protection

WildShark can identify any mentions and reviews of your business, your products and services, and even the professionals within your organisation. We can monitor the situation for you, but we can also take an active role in improving your brand.

Initially, this might mean building brand profiles on some of the most popular sites, and starting to publish regular content to keep readers informed and up to date. Eventually, it could also mean sharing your linkbait content, such as infographics, in order to give it as much exposure as possible.

Uses For Social Media Marketing

A good social media agency will be able to implement several campaigns over a variety of platforms. As well as reputation management and improving exposure for your content, these sites can be used to generate leads and develop relationships, but only if they are managed well. Twitter, for example, offers a convenient means of having potential customers ask questions but if you don’t respond quickly, then you not only put one potential client off but you could deter many others as well.

WildShark – The Social Media Agency

WildShark is an experienced and effective social media agency. We can work with you and your team to relay the message that you want to get across on social platforms, while also managing your reputation, sharing your best content, and helping your best content assets go viral. Contact us today to discuss your current social media use and to see how we can help use social media to improve your business returns.

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