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Regular reporting and direct communication means that you can see exactly how your SEO investment is being put to good use.


Long term SEO results can only be attained using ethical, white-hat techniques. WildShark utilises effective and legitimate optimisation techniques.

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As well as monthly reports, our online management dashboard and friendly employees mean that you are always kept in the loop.

Ethical SEO Services That Generate Results


Although there are many ways of promoting and advertising a business online, SEO services can provide long-term results for competitively little investment. Using ethical techniques, our search optimisation experts can identify your most important keywords and then help your website reach the top of search results for those keywords. The end result is a steady stream of highly targeted website visitors.


The search engines rely on hundreds of ranking factors to formulate search results pages. While only a portion can be directly influenced by you, or by your SEO company, there are numerous optimisation techniques that you can, and should be using.

Identify Keywords

While it is no longer good practice to cram keywords on pages, or to add long lists of irrelevant keywords in Meta tags, keywords still matter. These are the terms that your website will rank for, following an effective optimisation campaign, and they should be the terms that your target visitors are most likely to search for. Irrelevant or overly generic keywords can lead to poor conversion rates, while inaccurate keywords can even lead to resentment from your visitors. Keyword research is vital to a successful SEO campaign, and it will ensure that your search engine visitors are highly targeted.

On-Page Optimisation

Knowing the keywords that you want to rank for is only a part of the keyword equation. Your SEO agency should also implement these keywords into your page content, as well as into other areas of your web pages.

WildShark will not only create a list of your most important keywords, but create a keyword map that identifies the most relevant and beneficial keywords for each page. We will implement those keywords into the content, into your Meta tags, and into other important areas of your web pages.

Link Building

Keyword research and implementation lays the groundwork for your ongoing SEO efforts. Except for the least competitive keywords, however, you will not get any meaningful ranking simply from adding them to your page content. Your on-page keyword usage enables the search engines to identify the keywords you should rank for. It is your link building that will help push your web page up the rankings until you eventually reach the top spots.

WildShark provides high quality SEO to UK and global businesses. Our link building strategies utilise tried and tested techniques that are considered ethical. Your site won’t be hit with Google penalties, and you will have the best possible chance of reaching top positions in search results pages.

Ongoing Work

No SEO company can provide overnight and long lasting results. The process takes time, your efforts need to look natural, and using less than ethical techniques runs the risk of being hit with a Google penalty.

WildShark is an experienced SEO agency that relies on effective techniques. We don’t take chances with your business, but we do increase our clients’ search engine rankings. We create high quality links, produce content that converts as well as attracts visitors, and we treat your website and your online business as if it were our own.

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