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If you are reading this page, you must be looking for an SEO agency based in or around Blackpool. Are we correct? The WildShark office is located at Flexspace Unit 4 Blackpool Business Park, Amy Johnson Way Blackpool FY4 2RF so we are virtually on your doorstep. You are welcome to visit our office to meet our SEO team face to face and to discuss your requirements. Just give us a call first on 0330 124 3225 to arrange a visit.

When you take on the services of WildShark, you are not just paying for one person to work on your website and marketing. You gain access to our whole in-house team of technical SEO experts with many years’ experience in the industry. It does not matter if you are just starting out in business or an established company, our team can help you grow your business.

Proof of our SEO skills

Correct us if we are wrong but you have probably arrived at this page because you have searched a phrase similar to ‘SEO Blackpool’. Why should you contact us rather than any of the other SEO agencies that are ranked on the first page for terms such as ‘SEO in Blackpool’? Well, how many of those other SEO agencies are also ranking on the first page of for a highly competitive national based keyword such as ‘SEO UK’? We are – check for yourself. Considering we are directly competing against thousands of other SEO agencies within the UK, we think this provides all the trust you need that WildShark will indeed secure great results for your business.

How can we help?

The days of working on a site to get it ranked for 3, 5 or even 10 keywords is long gone. You should never buy a set number of keywords. Instead we work with you to create a long term SEO strategy that will increase the number of targeted visitors to your website month after month and the more visitors you have, the more leads and new business you will secure. We achieve this by getting your site ranking in the top five positions on the first page for as many targeted industry related search phrases as possible. You will secure more and more top ranking search phrases as each month goes by.

Arrange a visit

We always like to setup a face to face meeting where possible as we get a lot better understanding of your business this way. We can also discuss your business goal and objectives. Either complete the ‘Request a callback’ form on this page, email [email protected] or contact us the old fashion way by calling 0330 124 3225 now.

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Our customers say Excellent