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Monitor Keyword And Website Ranking With WildShark White Label Services

An important element of any SEO campaign is the accurate and reliable reporting of results and efforts to clients. When you operate as a reseller, this means choosing a white label service that provides good looking and timely reports so that you can forward them straight to clients without having to worry about reformatting or compiling the reports yourself.


Fundamentally, the aim of an SEO campaign is to deliver an increase in targeted traffic to a website. In reality, however, it is important to track a range of different performance indicators as well as traffic levels.


Monitor the number of keywords that your clients rank for, the positions they achieve, and their ongoing performance in these areas with WildShark keyword tracking and website ranking white label services.


We can customise reports to include your branding, will only ever forward the reports to you or one of your team members, and can track key performance indicators including organic traffic levels, inbound links, and keyword data.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Keywords And Reporting

Organic SEO is driven by keywords, and results can be measured in a similar fashion. The more keywords you client sites are ranking for, the greater the potential they have to drive large numbers of targeted visitors. Through effective content development and SEO campaigns, it is possible to increase the number of keywords that pages rank for.

With WildShark’s keyword tracking service, our white label clients enjoy transparent reporting on the number and position of keywords that web pages rank for.

Ranking Position

The number of keywords that a site ranks for is only part of the equation. Ranking on page 2 may produce limited results, while ranking at the top of page 1 for targeted keywords will mean increased traffic levels, as long as people are searching those keywords.

An SEO campaign aims to improve the ranking of a website for their important keywords, and we can provide you with regular updates on ranking position for any and all keywords.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Traffic And Analytics

The ultimate aim of increasing keywords and improving rankings is to drive more traffic. Installing and accessing analytics means that it is possible to monitor the number of visitors that arrive on a website, how they found the site, and metrics such as bounce rates, visitor paths, and conversions.

Whatever information you want tracking and reporting, there is a good chance that WildShark can provide it. Our aim is to improve website ranking so that it increases visitor volume, but it is also our goal to ensure that you have the tools and the data needed to report to your clients.

Reporting And Optimisation

Regular reporting to your clients not only means that you can provide regular updates of progress, but it can ensure that your relationship remains positive. The relationship between a lot of agencies and clients breaks down not because of poor results, but because of poor reporting of those results.

WildShark usually provides reports on a monthly basis, but we can customise our service to ensure that you receive what you need, when you need it.

The WildShark White Label SEO Services

Becoming an SEO reseller can provide you with additional revenue streams without having to increase your workload. Our reliable and reputable service, which is backed up by regular communication and reporting, can be provided completely anonymously and we always provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to our white label clients, which means that you can enjoy peace of mind and protection.

Contact WildShark today to discuss any current or future projects and to see how we can help to expand the services you offer, and meet your clients’ requirements.

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