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Improve Local And Business Rankings, And Develop A Diverse Link Profile

Citations can help improve local SEO rankings while also providing a diverse base for a link portfolio. Local SEO results have become increasingly important, especially for small and local businesses. Citations help identify the relevance and popularity of a site, and improve ranking within Google Places and other local listing directories.

WildShark’s white label local citation service includes regular reporting using your branding, regular updates, and manually built ethical citations. Citation building is a long-winded and repetitive task. Using our reseller services, you can concentrate on other aspects of marketing a website or servicing a client while we undertake the citation building process.

Manual Citations

There are many automated platforms that claim to build hundreds or thousands of citations. Not only does generating such a large number of links over the space of a few days look artificial to the likes of Google, but there are other potential pitfalls to using this kind of service. If a website is inundated with submissions from a single site or they receive a lot of poor quality submissions from a piece of software, there is a chance that your site will be flagged as spam. Most forms also require that a captcha field be completed, while errors are more likely to occur using automated software. WildShark’s local citation building service offers manual citation building because it provides longer lasting and better quality results.

White Label Reporting

Our local citation service can be included as part of a white label reseller service. This means that we conduct all citation building under your name and on your behalf. We provide you with regular reports of our progress and we can incorporate your own branding while excluding any mention of WildShark. Our citation service is also scaleable and can be used on an ongoing basis to further enhance the profile of your clients’ websites.

Citation building can also be combined with other white label services, such as guest blogging, in order to create a powerful and effective link profile for your client sites.

Local SEO Benefits

The primary purpose of citations is to improve a website’s position within local search rankings. This not only includes searches that incorporate geotargeted keywords, but also searches conducted by web users that are searching from the same area as a website is based. Local businesses can benefit from having a prominent position in Google Paces, and this appears at the top of organic Google search results, meaning that local SEO provides one of the most viable means of reaching the top of search results for a lot of organisations.

Diversifying Link Profiles

Many citations do not include links back to your website and should, instead, include your company name, company address, and contact details. They should all use the same or a similar format, and the most beneficial citations are those that include all of these details. Some directories allow for the inclusion of a website address, and may also link to the website from this address. While these links may not be the most powerful available links, because Google does not consider them earned links, they do help diversify a link profile and this is important to Google and other search engines.

WildShark can help further provide a diverse link profile by offering guest posting, infographic sharing, and more. Not only are these links diverse but they are also powerful and relevant when combined.

WildShark’s White Label Citation Building Service

A reseller account with WildShark enables you to offer clients a range of SEO and associated services without adding to your own workload, and allowing you to retain your own customer contacts. From citation building to infographic creation and sharing, you can rely on us to develop and provide ethical SEO services for all of your clients. Contact us today to discuss your clients’ requirements, your own requirements, and the services you want to offer.

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Citations are effective for local SEO and useful for diversifying link profiles

Building citations is a laborious but effective process. Let WildShark do the hard work for you.

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